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-Vibes World Radio is an internet radio station based in Salem, MA, USA.  

-We play a unique selection of music and podcasts with a strong base of dancehall and reggae

-We have locally focused and world focused content

- We transform you from frazzled, stressed and worried into having fun, relaxed and enjoying the vibes

-We care about your mental health.   Respect the Vibes!

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According to WebMD, stress can cause several problems including abuse of  alcohol, drugs and cigarettes; procrasitinating, inability to focus and physical symptoms like cardiovascular disease, mental health problems and sexual dysfunction.

Don't let stress get out of control, do something to release it

Vibes World Radio programs music and special events that help release your stress and worries

Hit the play button and stream Vibes World Radio now.

​Dancing is optional. ​

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